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Crypto Token Talk

Dec 20, 2018

In this week’s episode we share a recording of a panel discussion featured on the Women of Crypto stage as a part of LA Blockchain Week. This discussion is moderated by our Crypto Token Talk host, Kelley Weaver. The guests are Crystal Rose (CEO and co-founder of Sensay), Emily Bush (co-founder of shEOS), Sarah Austin (CMO and co-founder of SOMA Open Network), and Jessica VerSteeg (CEO and founder of Paragon).

The entrepreneurs share their journeys into blockchain. The group represents a diverse range of projects and each woman provides insights into the challenges that each industry has and is facing. They discuss current technological innovations that will develop blockchain and mass adoption.

The entrepreneurs each advise on key features of a startup and give recommendations for beginner entrepreneurs. To conclude, the women hypothesize about the future impact of crypto and blockchain.


Topics covered:

- Introductions to Crystal, Emily, Sarah, and Jessica.

- How each guest got involved in technology and blockchain.

- Unique problems that each woman faces in the projects they are a part of.

- Difficulties for blockchain and speculation towards it.

- Initial coin offerings (ICOs).

- Tips for anyone who wants to start a blockchain project.

- Having a team, an idea, coding, a product, and a mission.

- How to encourage the mass adoption of blockchain and the government trying to    prevent it.

- Visions of where the blockchain industry is headed from here.

- The creation of a global economy.