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Jun 27, 2019

Today Rena Shah, Head of Operations at Ember Fund, joins the podcast. Ember Fund, a mobile investment app where you essentially can invest like a crypto hedge fund, aims to provide outsized returns for everyone with little money and a few steps. Ember Fund is the only mobile, non-custodial, managed cryptocurrency portfolio on the market. 

Rena believes she got into crypto in the weirdest possible way, so she takes us through how that happened, which started with evaluating a deal for a peer-to-peer energy trading platform. Though bitcoin mining is often reported to require a lot of energy, Rena asserts that this is over-exaggerated and explains why. This leads into a discussion on cryptocurrency’s link with developing cleaner energy sources. We then hear about Ember Fund and how it’s completely non-custodial, meaning no one at Ember Fund controls any user private keys, keeping in the true spirit of decentralization and user empowerment. Despite the cryptocurrency market having been in a long-term bear market, Rena speaks to the rising interest in crypto. She recommends to anyone new to the space to start with a small investment and keep a diverse portfolio. Ember Fund is excited to be looking into adding a quant fund, which would trade algorithmically everything between bitcoin and a stablecoin without any human interference. One challenge with being non-custodial is that users expect transactions to be instantaneous, but the benefit is that everything is on-chain and transparent, so there are no surprise fees. Ember Fund is also looking into enabling users to on-ramp using different coins, perhaps a stablecoin, and developing new product features. We conclude by hearing about Rena’s favorite resources to learn about crypto and how Ember Fund is staying true to the reason cryptocurrency exists.


Topics covered:

- How Rena first discovered cryptocurrency.

- Energy consumption of crypto mining and state of the crypto industry.

- Using MinerGate to mine cryptocurrency as a beginner.

- What Ember Fund is and its non-custodial operation.

- Tips on getting started with Ember Fund and cryptocurrency investments in general.

- Challenges and Advantages of Ember Fund as a non-custodial investment fund.

- Objectives that Ember Fund is currently pursuing.

- How Rena likes to keep up on news from the cryptocurrency world.


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