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Aug 30, 2018

Tricia Martinez is Founder & CEO at Wala and Director at Dala Foundation. In this episode, Tricia explains how her research led her to use blockchain to encourage financial growth in emerging markets. The foundation Dala and company Wala are able to operate on a no-fee model and aid consumers and small business owners who are often left out of the current financial markets.

Wala is a no-fee financial app for emerging markets, and Dala is a multi-chain open-source crypto asset. Wala is the first major contributor to Dala’s open source development, and the first open source application to allow the use of Dala for transactions and peer-to-peer transfers.


Tricia discovered that emerging parts of the world were hungry for a financial system that worked for users and small business owners. It may come as a surprise, but even in emerging countries, cell phones are quite popular, so the idea to use them for peer-to-peer transactions makes complete sense. Adoption has been extremely fast, providing even more evidence that there’s a demand for this type of service and that people can be empowered in a sometimes unbalanced economy.


Topics covered:

-   Crypto in emerging markets.

-   Financial challenges in emerging markets.

-   Creating a system that’s fair, borderless, and geared towards ignnored consumers.

-   Research findings on universal basic income.

-   How Dala and Wala are have experience fast adoption and  growth.

-   Why decentralization is key in creating financial support in a growing economy.

-   Multi-chain cryptocurrencies.

-   The relationship between Dala and Wala, and how they’re able to operate on a no-fee basis.

-   What’s coming next for Dala and Wala.