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Apr 26, 2018

Holochain is a team full of ambition, with the goal of reinventing the internet so there’s no company sitting between us or supporting us and anything we want to do. They believe in the power of a truly peer-to-peer internet, and are building a distributed cloud.


Joining us today from Holochain are Matthew Schutte, director of communications, and Sami Van Ness, director of digital marketing.



Topics covered:


- Holo’s vision and how the “Crowd is the Cloud.”


- How something like Amazon Web Services compares to what Holo is trying to achieve.


- Efficiency and cost of Holo Fuel compared to Ethereum Gas.


- Details on the Holo ICO and how you can get involved.


- Why they believe that the way companies work will be fundamentally different in coming years.



Links for resources mentioned: