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Apr 12, 2018

Samantha Radocchia is a Serial Entrepreneur, Technologist, Founder of Two Previous Supply Chain Companies. Forbes 30 under 30 List. MA Symbolic Systems and Human Computer Interaction, NYU.

Her current project is Chronicled, a San-Francisco based supply chain company, one of the most prominent blockchain-based companies outside of the cryptocurrency space.

Chronicled was founded in 2014 with the early idea of using a blockchain for non-financial assets. Samantha tells us about the experience of securing funding for a blockchain company in the early days, blockchain use-cases for supply chains, and how Chronicled has been applying blockchain tech in the real world.

Topics covered:

- The story of securing funding for Chronicled as a blockchain company in 2014.

- Using a blockchain for non-financial assets and supply chains.

- How blockchain can help verify authenticity with valuable and luxury goods.

- The importance of infrastructure for blockchain use cases to actually work.

- Considerations regarding interoperability between blockchains and algorithms.

- What needs to happen for blockchain tech to go mainstream.

- Room for improvement to user-friendliness in cryptocurrency.

- Samantha’s’ experience in the crypto and blockchain community as a woman.