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Apr 16, 2020

In today’s episode of Crypto Token Talk our guest is Michelle Chuang, COO of Asensys. She spent 20 years in marketing consumer brands before moving into crypto and blockchain. The lack of data security online is what originally sparked her interest in uses of blockchain technology to improve the digital economy. She discusses why decentralization is key to the security of blockchain systems, but that, historically, these networks have had difficulty achieving high performance while retaining decentralization and security. This problem is called the "blockchain trilemma."


Asensys addresses blockchain's scalability problem head-on by introducing the concept of asynchronous consensus zones to reduce redundancies across the network. She uses the analogy of opening up more check-out lines at the grocery store to explain how it works. The consumer awareness about the need for data privacy is there, and so, in terms of mass adoption, Michelle believes that it's a matter of operationalizing blockchain technology to provide consumers with real solutions.


Topics covered:

- Michelle’s background and what led her to join Asensys

- How Asensys works and why it is unique

- Example use cases for blockchain solutions

- How Asensys solves the Blockchain Trilemma

- Predictions for the future of blockchain technology and mass adoption

- The appetite of implementing technology like Asensys at the enterprise level

- Recommended approaches for learning more about blockchain technology


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