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Mar 19, 2020

Our guest for today is Tongtong Gong, COO and Co-founder of Amberdata. She moved to the U.S. from Beijing, China when she was 17 years old, and her inability to speak English properly influenced her to choose Computer Science as an area of study because programming languages actually felt less intimidating to her. She started learning about crypto in 2013 and kept diving deeper from there.

Amberdata is a data infrastructure company that provides blockchain network data and market data in a single API, which allows people to build on top of it. During the ICO boom, it seemed like a necessity that could help contribute from a data infrastructure perspective. Amberdata’s customers fall into three categories: developers, traders, and major institutions moving into the digital assets space. In the following five years, Tongtong believes the industry will be growing and, based on financial history, she thinks that it won’t be in a linear, predictable fashion. Rather, it will be a punctuated equilibrium because new players will come in and be critical in the development of digital assets.


Topics covered:

- What Amberdata is and how it came to be

- Examples of Amberdata’s customer types

- Fears of major market manipulation

- Recommended resources for people who have questions about crypto

- Anecdotes that surprised Tongtong from analyzing data sets

- Things that Tongtong has seen go miraculously wrong

- Internal transfers that hide information

- Predictions for the next five years in the crypto industry

-Biggest threats to the cryptocurrency and blockchain space


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Email: tongtong(at)amberdata(dot)io