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Dec 5, 2019

The Founder of GiveBitcoin, Cory Klippsten, is our guest on today’s podcast. He has had a long career in big technology, having worked for the likes of Microsoft and Google. After leaving Google in 2013, Cory became involved with startups as an investor, advisor, and occasionally an operator.

Cory got involved with Bitcoin in May of 2017 and recalls that the price and social signaling from his professional network were large factors in attracting him. There is a lot of noise in the cryptocurrency space, so Cory gives advice on what newcomers should do to properly inform themselves. When he received his first bitcoin, Cory made a mistake that he aims for GiveBitcoin to solve. He explains that GiveBitcoin is great for new users because it provides education on Bitcoin while keeping it stored safely. The mission of the company is to allow for the giving of bitcoin in a safe and easy way. Cory talks about why the process some people have gone through when receiving bitcoin using other methods has been annoying to them. In the beta phase of GiveBitcoin, Cory was excited to see a large amount of bitcoin being sent and then shares his thoughts on how bitcoin will evolve. He also says that GiveBitcoin’s take is not to be the only resource for the Bitcoin community. Ending this episode, Cory describes his sentiment on Bitcoin in both the short- and long-term.


Topics covered:

- What initially got Cory excited about Bitcoin.

- Finding a mentor to steer you in the right direction.

- The first bitcoin Cory received in January 2014 and what this inspired.

- GiveBitcoin and some of its features, such as time locking.

- Directing users to educational resources from a user perspective.

- Kelley’s experience of gifting her friends and family bitcoin a few years ago.

- The custodian that GiveBitcoin uses to protect funds.

- Limits and fees on the GiveBitcoin platform.

- Cory’s thoughts on bitcoin not being ideal for use as a currency.

- A tease of GiveBitcoin’s new referral program.

- Some resources that Cory likes sending to new bitcoin users.

- Cory’s rationale for being bullish on bitcoin long-term.

- Education before accumulation.


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