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Nov 21, 2019

Kevin Ting, Co-founder of CryptoCanary, joins us in this episode. He is a crypto entrepreneur who has a background in engineering. After graduating, Kevin went to Silicon Valley to join the startup space and got involved on the business side tech before diving into crypto.

After first discovering Bitcoin in 2013, Kevin learned about Ethereum in 2017 and all of its possibilities. These days, Kevin educates new crypto users through the media group, Bitcoin For Beginners. On the YouTube channel, people can learn everything about Bitcoin and blockchain on the tech and financial side. Most recently, Kevin started working on a new project called CryptoCanary, which is akin to Yelp for the crypto world in which users can rate and comment on token projects. A beta version was launched a few months ago and the site is growing every day.

In response to Kelley’s question about the biggest misconceptions in cryptocurrency, Kevin discusses the early days of bitcoin being used on the dark web. Now, the reality is that illicit activities comprise a very small percentage of all the ways crypto is used. Instead, Kevin and others in the space are using crypto in e-commerce. He mentions as a way to easily use crypto in day-to-day purchases. Additionally, Kevin and Kelley discuss volatility as attractive in a thrill-seeking way but also as an obstacle to mass adoption. The ethos of decentralization and open-source project development are the aspects of the industry that excite Kevin the most. 

Before buying any crypto, Kevin recommends doing plenty of research, including watching YouTube videos and reading articles. Finally, Kevin reminds people to always ask questions and to take all advice with a grain of salt. Bitcoin and Ethereum are top of Kevin’s list when it comes to projects that he is most enthusiastic about, but he also believes gaming has great potential for crypto integrations.


Topics covered:

- What Kevin was doing prior to crypto.

- What CryptoCanary does and why Kevin likens it to Yelp.

- How Bitcoin For Beginners built its impressive audience.

- The difficulty of finding reliable information and why this inspired CryptoCanary.

- Monetization of Bitcoin For Beginners and CryptoCanary.

- The most common misconceptions of cryptocurrency.

- Concerns about volatility in the crypto market.

- What excites Kevin about blockchain, both now and in the future.

- Extra layers of friction that don’t make for a good user experience.

- First steps for new users who want to get involved in crypto.

- Resources that Kevin recommends for learning about this space.

- Developments in blockchain gaming.


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