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Nov 7, 2019

In this episode, Kelley Weaver chats with Dennis Lewis, author of Behold the Cryptopreneurs: How to thrive in the new blockchain economy without feeling slimy. Dennis got into the space a few years ago when a friend called him up who needed help marketing an initial coin offering (ICO).

Dennis has seen many projects fail, prompting him to identify areas in which crypto companies should improve. He expresses changes that need to be made so that cryptocurrency doesn’t end up as a speculative backyard to the financial industry. Dennis is excited about blockchain technology in general but reveals one use case in particular that he sees as a huge opportunity. A distributed ICO is one way that can prevent a problem that Dennis identified, and he explains how it can help. We hear about Dennis’ belief that every entrepreneur, even those not directly involved in this space, should educate themselves on crypto, beginning by accepting it as a form of payment. He also gives his thoughts on the touchy subject of developers titling themselves as CEOs. Finally, he stresses the importance of putting in an effort to understand this revolutionary technology.


Topics covered:

- How Dennis made his way into this industry.

- Fundamental reasons that Dennis saw leading to the failure of projects.

- Helping the industry begin solving real problems facing real people.

- Providing projects with the funds that they need.

- Dennis’ definition of a cryptopreneur, as outlined in his book.

- The value in deciding whether to share our data or not.

- The ability of distributed ICOs to raise funds over time.

- Advice for entrepreneurs in and out of the blockchain industry.

- Trends in fundraising today and what the future holds.

- Skills to design a blockchain versus skills to run a business.

- Bridging the skills gap by focusing on the problem that blockchain solves.


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Behold the Cryptopreneurs: How to thrive in the new blockchain economy without feeling slimy: