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Oct 24, 2019

Today’s episode was recorded on-site at the Crypto Mondays LA meetup co-hosted with crypto consulting, business solutions, and investing firm BitPros. At this event, Crypto Token Talk Host Kelley Weaver and other attendees set out to break the record for most women to ever attend a crypto meetup. An all-star panel drew a packed room of both women and men, leading the group to shatter the existing record. Kelley fills listeners in on the context of the event before launching into a panel featuring illustrious female guests in the crypto sphere:

Guests include:

- Najah Roberts, Founder and CEO of Crypto Blockchain Plug, one of the first brick and mortar cryptocurrency over-the-counter help desks and education centers. They are focused on bringing affecting change and fostering mass adoption in every area of the crypto space.

- Crystal Rose, CEO and Co-founder of Sense.Chat, a decentralized messenger that allows for a crypto-friendly messaging experience that doesn’t spy on you.

-  Barbara Bickham, Founder and CTO of Trailyn Ventures, a blockchain advisory company. She also works with the Women’s Innovation Fund Accelerator which helps advance women in blockchain.

- Zayi Reyes, Partnerships & Marketing Lead at Unstoppable Domains, which offers easy-to-remember addresses and domains for sending cryptocurrencies. Zayi is also a board member of The Rabbit Hole Network.

- Kseniya Lifanova, Co-Founder, Partner, and Smart Contract Developer at Upstate Interactive LLC, a tech consultancy which began offering smart contracts as part of its services.


Topics covered:

- How each guest first got involved in the cryptocurrency/blockchain sphere.

- Najah’s educating of young people.

- Crystal’s thoughts on the importance of privacy.

- How Barbara’s work helps foster and grow the blockchain industry.

- Why Zayi thinks good marketing is often underestimated in the crypto space.

- How we can avoid repeating the mistakes of the dot com boom in Kseniya’s opinion.

- Breaking the record for most women to ever attend a crypto meetup.

- Hopes for blockchain as we head into 2020.


Links to Resources:

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