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Oct 10, 2019

Dan Conway is our guest in this episode. He is the author of Confessions of a Crypto Millionaire: My Unlikely Escape from Corporate America. Dan discovered Ethereum when he was working as an executive with a large company at a time when his job was unstable.

When first reading about Ethereum, Dan believed that it had the power to take on big corporations someday. He shares his views on what Ethereum will become but admits that it is not ready for scaling yet. In the future, Dan believes there will be projects that can plug into a distributed project like in the original concept of DAOs. Dan and his wife gained around $100,000 thanks to various fortunate events, all of which they invested in Ethereum. His wife never wanted to talk about money but understood how much better their life became thanks to this investment. Dan instills that a good amount of research should be done before making a crypto investment and talks about the dishonesty of some projects.


Topics covered:

- Dan’s life before getting into cryptocurrency.

- Use cases that Dan saw for Ethereum when he first invested and now.

- The financial pressure that Dan’s family was under during the recession.

- Dan’s giant investment into Ethereum.

- Being confident and certain about investing in cryptocurrency.

- What Dan’s life looked like after Ethereum began rising in value.

- Dan getting fired from his job and how it affected his life.

- Critics of Dan and his story.

- Recommended activities before investing in cryptocurrency.

- Sell pressure on Ethereum because of previous ICOs.

- Pitches that Dan has received from crypto companies.


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