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Crypto Token Talk

Dec 27, 2018

This week we are joined by Arthur Gervais, the CEO at Liquidity Network. Liquidity Network uses off-chain payments enabling high volume of fast trading and purchasing. Arthur explains that blockchain’s impact on the banking and finance industries can lead to revolutionary changes in the way that business is conducted, especially shifting who will be given access to participate in trade. He dives in to the use cases for these types of payments and explains how this off-chain system is different from current exchanges. Arthur concludes by asking our listeners to reach out with questions, advice and comments.


Topics covered:

- Arthur’s early days of cryptocurrency involvement.

- Financial uses of blockchain.

- The hourglass model.

- What Liquidity Network does.

- The transaction potential of Liquidity Network.

- Off-chain payments vs. on-chain payments.

- Use cases for micropayments.

- The volatility of transaction fees.

- The audience of Liquidity Network.

- Liquidity Network’s upcoming decentralized exchange.

- Why being decentralized is important.

- What’s next for blockchain in general.


Links to Resources:

Video Explanation of Offchain

Liquidity Network White Paper

Revive: Rebalancing Blockchain Payment Networks