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Crypto Token Talk

Dec 13, 2018

Jeremy Musighi, founder of Immutable Capital, joins the show today. He is an entrepreneur who began investing in Bitcoin in 2013 and has founded several companies. Immutable Capital started as a consultancy but is in the process of adding an investing branch. Jeremy shares with us how he thinks blockchain will change the way that society and government operate. He explains how blockchain can be used in developing countries to give individuals more financial freedom. Although he concedes that there will be roadblocks, he argues that the benefits will outweigh the difficulties. He concludes by sharing which educational resources have helped him build a foundational knowledge of crypto and blockchain.


Topics covered:

- Jeremy’s background and how he got started in crypto.

- What excites Jeremy about blockchain.

- Blockchain affecting developing countries.

- Why it matters for people in developing countries to have access to crypto.

- Barriers for cryptocurrency in developing nations.

- Smartphone and bank account access in these countries.

- Mobile money networks.

- Recommended resources.


Links to Resources:

Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond

Digital Currency Online Course (site coming soon)