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Crypto Token Talk

Nov 29, 2018

Kevin Beauregard joins us today to discuss AUX-Augmented Exchange. Kevin began in blockchain and crypto in 2013 when he founded GoCoin, which processes fiat-to-crypto payments. Then in 2017, after working with various start-ups, he and a co-worker founded AUX. AUX is a decentralized auction that uses smart contracts and allows users to set their own values for tokenized assets. The platform is in beta stage and ready for use. Kevin shares with us the barriers he has faced in building the company and what he believes to be the greatest barriers to the expansion of crypto. He concludes the episode with resources for newcomers to the crypto space.


Topics covered:

- Kevin’s history in crypto.

- What AUX does.

- Fungible vs. non-fungible assets and how smart contracts work.

- Problems with auctions that have led to creating AUX.

- The types of assets that should be tokenized.

- The ongoing AUX beta and how to get started.

- The future of blockchain and its liquidity.

- What needs to happen in the crypto space to allow growth.

- The need for decentralization.

- The next steps that AUX is taking.



Resource Links:

Nick Szabo's explanation of Smart Contracts

Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor's Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond