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Aug 20, 2018

David Bleznak is the founder and CEO of Totle, a game-changing ERC-20 token trading platform. The idea for Totle sprung from several challenges that David encountered when he first started trading crypto. He wanted to make everything from balancing his portfolio to dealing with multiple exchanges, and using spreadsheets streamlined, accessible and simple.

Totle aims to provide the very best possible user experience to its users. In developing the Totle platform, the user interface was designed before moving on blockchain integration, making Totle a user friendly, decentralized trading platform for everyone-even non aficionados.

Currently in beta, Totle’s decentralized exchange platform brings a host of benefits for users, making crypto trading accessible to anyone.


Topics covered:

  • Challenges that helped David realize the need for a solution like Totle.
  • What Totle is and how it works.
  • Totle supports Ethereum and all ERC-20 tokens, which form about 90% of the crypto market.
  • Advantages of Totle compared with using other exchanges.
  • How Totle brings traditionally complicated decentralized exchanges to one simple platform.
  • How development is progressing and where users can get involved with the beta.
  • Why Totle believes peer-to-peer decentralized trading is the future.
  • How some decentralized exchanges today are not truly decentralized.
  • Advantages to centralization and how the comparative drawbacks can be dealt with for decentralized exchanges.