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Aug 6, 2018

Today’s guest is Gavin Douglas, CEO of iPowow and founder of the HIT protocol, the media company’s blockchain initiative for empowering all players in the ecosystem. iPowow is a participation TV platform which has been experimenting with the use of blockchain and their own token. From the beginning of Gavin’s career, he sought to further engagement between viewers and the content they watched. It wasn’t until 2010 when the technology caught up to his dream and he was able to found iPowow with a group of engineers and TV producers. iPowow founded the idea of “Participation TV” by developing the technology to connect viewers directly to TV content through their second screen device (i.e. smart phones, iPads, etc.). The next iteration in iPowow’s mission to deepen connections between viewers and content providers is to tokenize content viewing by moving iPowow onto the blockchain. In this episode, Gavin delves into this journey, explaining that surrounding himself with experts in storytelling and emerging technology has been key to his success.



Topics covered:

- Gavin’s background in television and creating iPowow.

- Hiring producers for iPowow when everyone was telling Gavin to hire engineers.

- What excites Gavin about the HIT protocol.

- Where iPowow has been used.

- How Gavin first discovered blockchain and crypto.

- Adding value to iPowow with a points system.

- The HIT token and monetizing people’s attention.

- Rewarding people for sharing their data and redeeming HIT tokens.

- Seeing the opportunity in blockchain and transitioning into it.

- Building a business in crypto.

- Feedback that iPowow has received about using blockchain.

- Advertising on iPowow and maintaining trust with users.

- How people will interact with HIT tokens.