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Jun 14, 2018

Saul Hudson is a co-founder of Angle 42 which is a consulting agency that acts as a communications directorate for blockchain start-ups. Angle 42 completes tasks such as finding the right PR agency or Community Manager for the start-up. Saul, who has a background in journalism, tells us how he explains blockchain technology to people who are brand new to it. He discusses at what point Angle 42 begins to collaborate with start-ups and the need for various professionals in the blockchain space, then tells us what the biggest changes in the space have been since he got involved. We gain insight on if he thinks any certain projects will be game-changers, along with how he selects worthy projects to partner with. Saul lets us know who he admires in the blockchain space and why some technological people are not great at communication. He then provides advice on how to get involved in crypto for anyone who wants to start and the skeptical bias that mainstream media outlets may have towards this new industry. Saul tells us why going to cryptocurrency conferences is a great way to get educated.


Topics covered:

- Jobs that are often overlooked by start-ups.

- How being in journalism and finance led Saul to blockchain.

- The way Saul explains blockchain to beginners.

- What stage a start-up can benefit from using a consulting agency.

- The growing scope of blockchain technology and how quickly it is changing.

- Criteria that projects should meet before teaming up with Angle 42.

- Distinguishing a legitimate project from lesser ones.

- Who impresses Saul in this emerging space and how it is welcoming to newcomers.

- The approach that should be taken when being exposed to cryptocurrency news.