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Apr 19, 2018

Tim Lloyd is a crypto journalist, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) expert, and CEO of Rogue Capital Media, a content marketing consulting firm with a core focus on Fintech.

Tim joins Kelley for an in-depth, technical discussion focusing on ICOs and regulations in the crypto space. A previous knowledge of ICOs would be a good thing before listening to this episode, so if you’re a beginner, you may wish to check out some of our previous episodes first!

AML is an extremely important element to financial services compliance. It ensures criminals are unable to bring illicit proceeds into the legitimate financial system. With the new and rapidly changing crypto space, digital technology and old-school financial crime can blend, but regulators are trying to keep up.

Tim explains how ICO crowdfunding works, the favorable jurisdictions that ICOs are gravitating towards, securities law, regulatory attitudes of different countries, and more. Whether you’re considering launching an ICO or would like to invest in one, you’ll find this episode full of valuable content.

Show highlights:

- How much bitcoin and crypto use is linked to crime?

- How crowdfunding and raising capital through an ICO works.

- The skyrocketing amount of money being raised through ICOs and the challenges that come with it.

- Characteristics of favorable jurisdictions for launching ICOs.

- Global regulatory attitudes towards crypto & ICOs.

- Things to know whether you’re thinking about launching an ICO or investing in one.

- Challenges keeping up with such a rapidly expanding space.