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Crypto Token Talk

Mar 29, 2018

Continuing with our interviews from UCLA Cyber Days, this episode packs 4 interviews with some brilliant minds from the crypto space!

Chris Eberle is with Swarm Fund, which uses blockchain to facilitate access to investment opportunities that are traditionally less accessible.

Les Borsai’s career started in the music business, and has since evolved into a plethora of tech-related activities, including being an advisor to Ripple Labs and other blockchain projects.

Jason Robert is another person in the crypto space who comes from a background in the music industry. He taught himself some coding, and got more into the tech space. Now he’s the co-founder and CEO of HelloSugoi, a smart contract protocol for the live entertainment industry.

Piper Moretti is the CEO of Crypto Realty Group. She originally came from the entertainment industry, moved into real estate, and things changed when she got a client who wanted to buy a house using bitcoin. Since then, Piper has started a business that specializes in helping people buy and sell property using cryptocurrency, and her phone is ringing constantly with other people looking to learn from her experience.

Show Highlights:

- Swarm: the first security token blockchain.

- Legality of using Swarm in the U.S. and other areas.

- Swarm’s time period for returns.

- Recommendations for getting started in crypto.

- Industries blockchain has the potential to disrupt.

- Blockchain use cases for music industry and artists.

- Problems with present event ticking models and how HelloSugoi hopes to solve them.

- Dealing with constraints of building on the Ethereum platform.

- How a real estate agent worked with her first client wanting to use Bitcoin.

- Dealing with home sellers who are fearful of accepting bitcoin.

- Current state of bitcoin and crypto acceptance in the real estate industry.

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Piper Moretti