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Feb 23, 2018

Episode 107: Talking with Tim Draper:

Crypto Legend and Bitcoin’s Biggest Fan


Tim Draper is a well-known venture capital investor and early adopter of bitcoin and cryptocurrency. We were super fortunate to have Tim sit and chat with us recently at the Bitcoin Super Conference in Dallas.


Having the foresight to get into bitcoin in the early days, it’s fascinating to hear Tim’s outlook and predictions for the future of cryptocurrency and the financial industry. He tells us about how he first became interested in bitcoin, whether or not he thinks bitcoin will hold its dominance in the future, and why countries should remain mostly hands-off in terms of regulating the cryptocurrency space.


Tim is a firm believer in bitcoin and the entire crypto space, making an argument for why bitcoin is the best store of value. There’s no FUD here! This episode is sure to instill confidence in the exciting future that cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech will bring.

Show Highlights:

  • How Tim got into bitcoin and crypto in the first place.
  • His future prediction of whether or not Bitcoin will hold its dominance.
  • The future of fiat currency vs crypto.
  • The bitcoin lightning network and how bitcoin can stay relevant by implementing new tech.
  • Implications of light vs. heavy government regulations on cryptocurrency.
  • Why countries would benefit hugely by staying mostly hands-off on bitcoin, crypto, and blockchain tech.
  • The best way to enter the market and get started in crypto.
  • Tim’s argument for why bitcoin is the best store of value

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