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Sep 3, 2020

In today’s episode Kelley Weaver is joined by Carol Van Cleef, Founder and CEO of Luminous Group and pioneer in legal issues involving cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Additionally, she is Chair of the Blockchain and Digital Assets practice with Bradley, based in Washington, D.C.

With Luminous Group, Carol offers general blockchain consulting with a speciality in compliance. As a certified AML specialist, Carol’s expertise is invaluable to her clients, which include banks, securities firms, and money services businesses.

We hear how Carol entered the cryptocurrency market and her 20-year experience working with alternative payment systems. She discusses the modernization efforts in the banking industry and the hurdles it faces. Carol goes on to take us through what she believes have been the pivotal regulatory advancements in the crypto space and the biggest setbacks. Wrapping up the episode, Carol tells us what she is excited about in regulatory advancements and the new wave of crypto adopters.

Topics covered:

- How Carol began her career in blockchain

- What excites Carol about cryptocurrency and blockchain

- Modernization of the banking industry and the hurdles it has faced

- The services provided by Luminous Group

- Overcoming negativity towards the industry as an early adopter

- Why criminals are often early adopters on new payment systems

- Pivotal regulatory moments

- How the introduction of the BitLicense in NYC impacted the space

- The tension between regulators and wanted anonymity of crypto users

- Future regulatory changes

- The new wave of crypto adopters

Links to Resources:

Luminous Group:

Carol at Bradley: