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Jul 2, 2020

In today’s episode, Kelley Weaver is joined by Sunayna Tuteja, Head of Digital Assets at TD Ameritrade. Sunayna begins by telling us her background in finance and how she ended up in the cryptocurrency sector.

TD Ameritrade aims to aid clients with adoption of cryptocurrency and lead the industry in technological innovations. We hear how Sunayna joined TD Ameritrade to spearhead their digital transformation while looking at emerging technology to continually add value for customers and the company. We learn how client demand drives adoption of crypto and blockchain technology. Sunayna takes us through the company’s three-pronged approach to services, partnerships, and education and how every aspect is tailored to the TD Ameritrade's core clientele. Sunayna wraps up the episode by discussing custody solutions and what she is excited about for the future of crypto and blockchain technologies.

Topics covered:

- What got Sunayna into crypto

- TD Ameritrade’s background in innovation within the financial sector

- Why commercializing next-gen tech along with current solutions drives growth

- The importance of delivering value to customers and the company

- Creating a dedicated digital asset and DLT practice

- How client demand drove adoption of digital assets at TD Ameritrade

- The impact of May Day on the financial sector

- Utilizing lessons from the May Day rule changes for current adoption strategies

- TD Ameritrade’s three-pronged approach

- The necessity of scalability in any process

- Empowerment and safety of the consumer through education

- Solving the issue of custody through choices

- The future of the cryptocurrency industry

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