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Crypto Token Talk

Sep 26, 2019

Two guests from the AnthemGold and Hercules projects join us for this episode. Cynthia Blanchard is the Co-Founder and President of these companies, while Julie Mei is the Chief Technology Officer.

Cynthia’s husband, Anthem Blanchard, was adopted into a family with a deep history involving gold. She shares the story of how her father-in-law, James U. Blanchard III, led the charge in lifting laws restricting ownership of gold in the United States. AnthemGold aims to build on Blanchard’s vision with its gold-backed asset token that enables easy transactions using gold, one of history’s most widely trusted and universal mediums of exchange.

Julie explains the technology behind Hercules, a blockchain-based supply chain solution, and its use to track the purchase, movement, and ownership of gold bars represented by AnthemGold tokens. Cynthia believes that as Hercules demonstrates its utility as an enterprise supply chain solution, various industries will wake up to the value of blockchain technology as a data verification and tracking tool. Julie says that the big changes in crypto are coming from the small players and that the current aim for AnthemGold and Hercules is to stay small enough to easily meet the needs of clients. Cynthia and Julie share their predictions of where bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general are headed in the coming years.


Topics covered:

- The vastly different ways that Cynthia and Julie discovered crypto.

- Cynthia’s ties to Anthem Blanchard and companies, AnthemGold and Hercules.

- An explanation of AnthemGold and how it stores gold reserves.

- How the Hercules software applies to AnthemGold.

- An example of blockchain use in a supply chain.

- Industries and applications that will really benefit from blockchain.

- Cost benefits of Hercules compared to Ethereum.

- Scaling dilemmas in the cryptocurrency space.

- Resources that Cynthia and Julie use to stay up-to-date on news and developments.

- The future of cryptocurrency.


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