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Crypto Token Talk

Sep 12, 2019

Today’s guest is Michael Seitz, Marketing Manager at Dash Core Group. He lives in San Diego and first learned of cryptocurrency in 2012. Dash is a payment-focused cryptocurrency whose team introduced the idea of master nodes to the crypto landscape. Master nodes work by having major stakeholders park their Dash on a second server and earn Dash for providing the essential network service of verifying transactions.

Michael began researching crypto seriously in 2014, and actually made his first purchase with the help of the Second Life game. He explains the path he took to eventually end up working with Dash and provides reasons why Dash is superior to other cryptocurrencies. Unique among cryptos, any amount of Dash can be sent to anyone, anywhere in the world, in just one second and for about a penny in fees. Dash’s low fees and speedy transaction times creates a sharp contrast with bitcoin, whose fees increase in-line with the price of the currency. Research suggests Dash would scale well as a global payments network. 

The biggest market for Dash thus far has been Venezuela and surrounding countries because of the hyperinflation experienced there. We also hear about how partner businesses, such as Crypto Mobile, have been instrumental in Dash adoption in Latin America. We return to the topic of why Dash is referred to as the “granddaddy of governance,” and Michael does a deep-dive into the distinction between Dash Core Group and the Dash cryptocurrency. Impressively, Dash is one of the most decentralized cryptocurrencies with on average between 4800 and 5000 master nodes operating at any given time. To the question of how to learn more about crypto projects, Michael underlines the importance of doing your own research and reading white papers.


 Topics covered:

- How Michael first discovered cryptocurrency.

- The crypto miner that Michael built using a milk crate.

- An explanation of master nodes.

- Aspects that make Dash superior to other cryptocurrencies.

- Where Dash can be bought, and which wallets can be used to store it.

- Markets that Dash has gained traction in and why.

- Cell phones that come with the Dash wallet pre-installed.

- Dash’s approach to helping vendors accept their cryptocurrency.

- The adoption of Dash compared to other cryptocurrencies.

- Governance in the Dash network.

- Deep-dive into Dash Core Group and how it works.

- Learning about cryptocurrency projects.


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