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Jun 6, 2019

Shea Newkirk, also known as “The Stache” in the cryptocurrency world, is today’s guest. He is a crypto educator and enthusiast, and the founder of The CryptoStache, which began in 2017 about four years after Shea first invested in bitcoin.


Shea brings us through his beginnings in cryptocurrency, starting with when he first heard about bitcoin but did not invest. He was later inspired to begin blogging because his friends didn’t want to listen to his thoughts about this emerging currency and technology. We hear about the bitcoin classes that Shea began teaching in 2017 because of all the emails he was receiving asking for advice. Shea compares his excitement for bitcoin to his excitement for the internet in its early days and talks about potential use cases. With cryptocurrency currently in an extended bear market, Shea remarks that this is a great time to buy. He shares his thoughts on investing in bitcoin versus other cryptocurrencies and parses out common misunderstandings. Shea has arranged a bus to take people from LA to the 2019 Bitcoin Conference in San Francisco and discusses why he decided to do this while hardly making any profit. We finish with Shea revealing some of his favorite blockchain projects including Enjin Coin, IOST, WAX, and Brave


Topics covered:

- Shea’s background and story of buying his first bitcoin.

- How The CryptoStache blog was formed and when it began gaining popularity.

- What excites Shea about the present and future of bitcoin.

- A story about Shea getting locked out of his bank account.

- Shea’s opinion on the current crypto bear market.

- Some current use cases of bitcoin.

- Arranging a bus to drive from LA to the 2019 Bitcoin Conference in San Francisco.

- Notable cryptocurrency projects that Shea finds promising.


Links to resources:

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