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May 30, 2019

In this special joint episode recorded with Crypto Token Talk host Kelley Weaver and guest-host Nikki Brown with The Coin Boys hosts Andy Steig and Daniel Gutierrez, the podcast hosts come together for a lively discussion of all things blockchain and crypto. Each host tells the story of how he/she got into crypto in the first place and shares thoughts on how blockchain can achieve mass adoption. As a first course of action, crypto enthusiasts need to use decentralized applications. Equally essential are developments pertaining to making dapps and crypto payments easier. Finally, we need more education as to the value of being empowered with increased control over one’s own value, data, and governance. The hosts also talk about layers of trust in blockchain applications as well as the reality that not everything needs to be decentralized. Everyone agreed that it’s essential for the community to maintain open arms when it comes to welcoming those who are new to crypto into this space. One day we won’t necessarily distinguish between dapps and apps; they will all just be “apps.” Over the course of the last three years, we’ve seen a transition from the theoretical to the actual. Some projects with fully-functional blockchain applications include MetaX’s adChain Registry of community-approved ad-supported websites, Breaker’s movie streaming dapp, and Pyrofex’s crypto payment processor Numifex.


Topics covered:

-Stories of how each host got into crypto

-Paths to mass adoption

-Not everything needs to be decentralized

-Maintaining a welcoming crypto community

-Danger of Corporations developing their own cryptocurrencies

-The transition from apps to dapps (eventually we’ll call them all “apps”)

-Fully-functional blockchain applications


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