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May 2, 2019

Kicking off season two, this episode was recorded at the Crypto Invest Summit 2019 in Los Angeles. Joining Kelley Weaver are Tijana Damjanovic Gertner (Chief Marketing Officer of Anchor), Nash Foster (CEO of Pyrofex), and Ken Brooke (CEO of MetaX). The panel gives an explanation of their projects before getting into the focus of the discussion: mass adoption of blockchain technology.

The three guests are first asked about what their favorite use cases of blockchain are and how they are applying it to their own projects. Nash talks about what needs to happen to get cryptocurrency used in day-to-day transactions, including the social aspect implemented by some applications. With Ken’s project focusing on digital advertising, he explains why blockchain is so disruptive to the ad tech ecosystem. Next, Tijana discusses stablecoins, which aim to resolve the issue of volatility currently plaguing the crypto ecosystem. Tijana introduces Anchor as a non-flationary stablecoin indexed to global GDP. Ken offers his thoughts on when it makes sense to use blockchain technology versus when is it unnecessary. Tijana comments on issues pertaining to the current regulatory landscape. The panel finishes with guests talking about how long it will take for mass adoption to be achieved.


Topics covered:

- Introductions of Tijana, Nash, and Ken, plus their projects.

- The best use cases of blockchain technology and how each guest’s project contributes.

- Improvements that need to be made in the space to encourage mainstream adoption.

- Applications of blockchain to advertising.

- An explanation of the various types of stablecoins.

- Creating a better understanding of cryptocurrency for end users.

- When blockchain is required and when it is not.

- The biggest problems facing blockchain today.

- Issues faced by each guest in developing their own blockchain projects.


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