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Crypto Token Talk

Dec 6, 2018

We are joined by Ana De Sousa who leads operations at FalconX, a cryptocurrency fintech company. Ana shares her vetting process for clients and how execution is perhaps the most important point of the process. She proposes the idea that the blockchain and crypto will continue to succeed and grow as industries because there are so many talented teams working to improve current industries or build new ones specifically for the blockchain. For Ana, however, her deep interest lies in applications dealing with privacy. She adamantly believes that any current issues or criticisms related to privacy in bitcoin or crypto exchange will be solved with time. Furthermore, she is optimistic that the ongoing regulation of crypto will not affect its followership. Ana is hopeful that the crypto space will advance greatly in the next decade. She finishes with advice for people who want to get involved with crypto.


Topics covered:

- Ana’s background and an introduction to FalconX.

- Differentiating good projects from great ones.

- Looking at the team vs. looking at the idea.

- Excitement for projects that promote mainstream adoption and onboarding.

- A project that Ana is excited about that involves privacy.

- Recent breaches in privacy leading to technological change.

- The privacy concerns of Bitcoin.

- The large number of projects trying to address blockchain transaction speed.

- Regulation concerns regarding cryptocurrency.

- Ana’s thoughts about how the cryptocurrency space is growing and welcoming new people.

- Advice for people who aren’t yet involved with crypto, such as encouraging discovery.


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