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Oct 25, 2018

Our guest today is Zayi Reyes, VP Marketing at MetaX. She began working at MetaX in in it’s early stages when the company was first transitioning to blockchain. Now MetaX is partnered with ConsenSys and Microsoft for the adChain Registry project. Adchain Registry is a community-curated whitelist on the Ethereum mainnet for the advertising industry.

Zayi explains how websites can apply to be added to the whitelist and acceptance is decided on by participant voting. She emphasizes that marketing is key to enabling mainstream adoption of blockchain.

To conclude, Zayi shares some of her favorite potential applications and shares resources on expanding blockchain knowledge and awareness.


Topics covered:

- Zayi’s responsibilities at MetaX.

- How Zayi got involved with cryptocurrency.

- adChain Registry and what it wants to accomplish.

- Applying domains on adChain.

- Marketing strategies for adChain.

- Marketing in relation to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

- The blockchain applications that Zayi is excited about.

- Zayi’s recommended resources.


Resource Links: