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Oct 4, 2018

This episode of Crypto Token Talk was recorded live with Arun Kalaiselvan, co-founder and CTO of Blockdaemon; Niki Williams, Community Curator of ConsenSys; and Cyrus Taghehchian, co-founder and CEO of Splyt at the General Assembly camplus in Santa Monica.

The panel focuses on how blockchain applies and can apply to various industries such as gaming and e-commerce. All three guests give their take on how far away they think we as consumers are from interacting with blockchain technology, how we should make sure it is user friendly, and the extent of awareness the general public may have about the technology.

The guests discuss various career routes that can lead to involvement with the blockchain community and share how people can begin interacting with crypto and learn from trustworthy news sources.


Topics covered:

- A brief background of each guest’s company.

- How blockchain will affect gaming.

- The industries that ConsenSys is influencing.

- The problems with present-day e-commerce.

- An open discussion about how far away we as consumers are from interacting with blockchain technology, how it     should be kept user friendly, and how noticeable it will be to users.

- How to get involved in blockchain no matter what your professional background is.

- How to tell if a company is just using “blockchain” as a buzzword for publicity.

- Ways that beginners can interact with blockchain and cryptocurrency.

- Recommendations of where to get news about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

- Various databases that could be used instead of blockchain.

- Who would be responsible for a bug on the blockchain.


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