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Jul 26, 2018

Today we chat with Kunal Desai, a crypto millionaire and the CEO of Bulls on Crypto Street. He tells us about his background in trading stocks and how he began trading cryptocurrency, reflecting on how few websites hosted trading back then. Kunal describes Bulls on Crypto Street as a one-stop-shop for crypto, containing news, blogs, and classes. He advises us about the best ways for beginners to get involved in cryptocurrency. This segues into which exchanges he uses the most and a discussion on Alt coins, their volatility and growth potential. He mentions that many coins on the market have no use and are not a viable investment. Kunal discusses the importance of having a plan in trading. He closes by sharing his methods on teaching students with varied levels of knowledge in trading and in crypto.


Topics covered:

- How Kunal began as a trader of cryptocurrency.
- The difference in terminology between crypto and stock trading.

- What Bulls on Crypto Street does.

- How to start with cryptocurrency as a beginner.

- Differences between various exchanges.

- Alt coins and finding the right alt coin to invest in.

- Trading vs. investing.

- The change in sentiment from last fall’s bull market to the current bear market.

- How to trade in a bear market.

- Bulls on Crypto Street offerings and prices.

- Kunal’s present involvement with the stock market.

- Advice for getting through the bear market. Vays