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Jul 12, 2018

Today’s guest is Peter Kirby, CEO of Kuvera. Peter and his co-founder Mahesh Paolini-Subramanya were first involved with the Factom project, before they stepped away to pursue Kuvera. They did this because they saw an interesting opportunity to move real-world assets on to the blockchain. Peter explains how Kuvera will be useful in solving real-world problems like the process of getting a mortgage and buying property. We learn that selling mortgages is even more complicated because of the data that is attached to them. Peter says that blockchain can simplify these systems by allowing all parties to look at the same, untampered mortgage data. He explains the status of Kuvera today and what the future holds for Kuvera. As Peter and his team move forward, he shares some of his insights into gathering additional educational information about the industry.


Topics covered:

- Success with Factom and starting Kuvera.

- Moving the mortgage market into the 21st century with Kuvera.

- The archaic use of a large amount of paper when getting a mortgage.

- The current process of selling a mortgage and data verification.

- The stage that Kuvera is in and transferring mortgages to the blockchain.

- Working with institutions and demonstrating value.



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