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Jul 19, 2018

Today we welcome Jacqueline “JK” Kwok. JK has a background in finance, with most of her career spent in private equity. Now, she is Head of Business Development for Arcana, which is envisioned to be the “cryptocurrency home” for consumers. JK tells us about the Arcana Wallet’s Smart Vault Technology, which will store users’ cryptocurrency offline. She describes the issues with hardware wallets and how features of Arcana will be superior, including passive income and automatically claiming forked coins. JK then discusses the use of insurance and know-your-customer processes to keep Arcana legally compliant for the long-term. We hear about Arcana’s minimum viable product launch and device compatibility, along with uses for its token. The Arcana Wallet will support Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, ERC20, NEO, and NEP-5 tokens initially, but JK tells us what lies in the roadmap for further support. This leads us into hearing about what else Arcana wants to accomplish this year. Finally, JK tells us what needs to happen next for blockchain and cryptocurrency to grow and how Arcana is helping in that.



Topics covered:

- How JK first got introduced to Bitcoin in China.

- What Arcana aims to be.

- The Arcana Wallet and Smart Vault Technology, which uses cold storage.

- How Arcana can help earn passive income.

- An explanation of forked coins and claiming them.

- Arcana’s legal compliancy.

- The wallet’s minimum viable product launch and token.

- Future coin support.

- What Arcana will do in 2018.

- Paid vs. non-paid features of the Arcana Wallet.

- JK’s thoughts on what will bring crypto to the next level.