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Jul 5, 2018

We sit down with Chitra Ragavan, Chief Strategy Officer of Gem. She tells us about how she first got involved with cryptocurrency, including having to get clearance from the US government before investing. She worked with colleagues who were interested in cryptocurrency and they played a large role in making the space attractive to her. Having a background in journalism, she gives insight on the drama and unreliable sources often associated with crypto. That leads into Gem, which is focused on being an all- encompassing platform in which users can buy new tokens, learn about them, view all digital assets in one place, and more. Chitra talks about what sets Gem apart from the rest of the crowd, with a heavy focus on user interface. She then lets us know which news sources she trusts and people in her life who send her questionable crypto news articles. To finish, Chitra gives advice about how beginners should start investing in cryptocurrency and recommendations for people who are interested in a career in cryptocurrency.

Topics covered:
- Chitra buying her first bit of Bitcoin.
- How she evolved from being just a beginner.
- Thoughts on untrustworthy crypto news and controversy.
- What Gem offers to people and what else it has in mind.
- Key features that make Gem unique.
- Chitra’s favorite places to get cryptocurrency news.
- What to do when you want to start investing in cryptocurrency. - Obtaining a career in cryptocurrency.