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Jun 7, 2018

Kim LaFleur is the Director of Client Services for Security Token Academy, which is the first video platform focused on security token offerings (STOs). Security Token Academy provides insights to security token enthusiasts, investors, and issuers. Kim takes us through the process of how she vets the tokens that are featured on the platform, from reviewing partners to social media presence.

In addition to Security Token Academy, Kim recommends other legitimate resources of cryptocurrency information. She talks about the platform’s Regulatory Review, which informs viewers of new things happening in the US and all over the world, and about the upcoming Security Token Academy Summit in New York City on June 11. We are informed about what exactly will be taking place at the summit as Security Token Academy continues to pioneer this space. Kim then discusses what traits she looks for when determining a good interviewer and interviewee and some of the specific issues that apply to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. The episode concludes with Kim telling us how she thinks blockchain can change the journalism industry.

Topics covered:
- A background of Kim LaFleur and Security Token Academy, including how she entered this industry.
- How projects are vetted at Security Token Academy and how issuers can differentiate themselves from other projects.
- What Kim thinks is required for good reporting on crypto, including her own recommendations of who to follow.
- If there are any projects that Kim is particularly excited about.
- The Security Token Academy Summit
- Desired traits of a good interviewer and good interviewee.
- Issues that are specific to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries.
- The future of journalism in relation to blockchain.