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May 24, 2018

Leigh Cuen is a journalist at Coindesk and joins us today to talk about the intersection of cryptocurrency and the sex industry.

Both of these spaces have many misconceptions from people outside of the industries, and Leigh is here to help quash them.  

One of the most important things Leigh points out is that if the service is lawful, using crypto to pay is lawful. Pornography, exotic dancing, escorting, and other adult services are perfectly legal and regulated in many areas, therefore they should not carry a negative connotation, and nor should cryptocurrency simply for being a method of payment.

In fact, cryptocurrency can help the end workers in these industries become more financially independent. Despite being legal, one issue that adult services sometimes face is discrimination from banks and payment processors simply because of a stigma or moral grounds.

Leigh explains the challenges faced by those in the sex industry, and how blockchain and cryptocurrencies can help - all while remaining completely legal and compliant with regulations.


Topics covered:

- Misconceptions surrounding the sex industry and cryptocurrencies.

- The need to reduce stigmas surrounding the sex industry.

- It is lawful to pay with crypto for any lawful service.

- Challenges faced by those in the adult and sex industry.

- How blockchain and cryptocurrencies can help sex industry workers with decentralized payments and platforms.



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