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Crypto Token Talk

Mar 16, 2018

Here are another two fascinating interviews recorded during the recent UCLA Cyber Days event.

Rajiv Phougat, IBM, is leading a transformation of the automotive industry using AI, blockchain, IoT, and cloud. You may be surprised to know how long IBM has been involved with blockchain, and Rajiv talks about some of the very cool use cases that blockchain can have, including with autonomous vehicles.

Ben Taylor is the CEO of LedgerDomain, a blockchain-based Communal Trust Platform delivering blockchain-based solutions to global-scale enterprises. Ben talks about the ways companies can use blockchain technology, both behind the scenes and for customers, while ensuring a fast and secure experience. His company is attempting to stay ahead of the curve, and they’re helped in doing this simply by listening to questions that clients are asking.

Show Highlights:
- How long IBM has been involved with blockchain tech and what they are doing with it in the automotive sector.
- The future of self-driving autonomous cars; regulations, adoption, infrastructure, and the roll blockchain can play.
- How blockchain and IOT can affect and transform the automotive industry.
- Uses for public vs private blockchains.
- Practicality of blockchain security vs consumer expectation.
- Progress towards mainstream consumer adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
- Hyperledger.
- Importance of realizing problems on existing transactional systems when comparing to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
- How companies can use blockchain properly and efficiently; on chain vs off chain.
- Types of blockchain solutions businesses may be able to benefit from.