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Jan 31, 2018

Our guest today is Chris Castiglione, professor at Columbia University Business School, teaching coding and cryptocurrency in a class called Digital Literacy. He’s also the CEO of Learn to code in 30 days! Chris explains how he first heard about Bitcoin and then subsequently got into the crypto space.

Cryptocurrency can be compared to the birth of the Internet. It can be difficult to comprehend and thus difficult to explain. Chris feels that explaining the use cases is one of the best ways to help people understand. We also hear about public and private keys, transaction fees, privacy issues with centralized systems, and more.

It’s an exciting space, in its infancy, but Chris does find some things daunting about blockchain technology, plus, there’s also a lack of education in the area of crypto and blockchain. In the grand scheme, this tech will change the world, and there’s so much more to come. Chris enlightens us with some of his favourite use cases for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency.


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