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Jan 31, 2018

Two talented women in the blockchain space join in for a discussion focusing on ICOs, women in blockchain, securities, and more.


Alexandra is an advisor to several companies. She’s typically hired by investors and advisors to teach them about how blockchain, crypto, and ICOs work.


Kim Miller-Anderson is the President and Founder of MSK Consulting Services and a FinTech Connector Community Partner (LA).


It’s important for a company considering an ICO to do so for the right reasons. It’s becoming common for some to want to incorporate a token or blockchain tech simply to try and get money. This is one of the reasons ICOs draw criticism from the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.


Kim and Alexandra are advocates for more women in the blockchain space. One thing helping is the fact that many people from finance are coming to the space, as opposed to just those with a technical background, and there are many women working in finance as opposed to tech which is more male-dominated.